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Microsoft DreamSpark Yatra

Its been almost a year since I updated this blog.Many things have happened since… I was selected as a MSP for my college & many more stuffs. DreamSpark Yatra is a day long event conducted for the students, organized by Microsoft Student Partners & Bangalore .Net Students User Group(BDNS) for that region. The Students had a good opportunity to learn about the new cutting edge technologies from Microsoft. The DS Yatra at Bangalore was conducted on 27th March 2010 at PES Institute of technology (Popularly known as PESIT).

There were Speakers from Microsoft and even some of the MSPs gave sessions on the new technologies like Sharepoint & MS Office 2010, Visual Studio 2010 Pre-Launch event,Photosynth – a technology which converts a bunch of 2D photos to 3D,Cloud Computing & Windows Azure, the Cloud computing platform from Microsoft, Various Academic Initiatives from MS like Dreamspark, Imagine Cup, Students 2 Business, etc.

We got a very good response of around 700+ attendees. 60 Students came from colleges in Dharwad! The PESIT auditorium became full. In case you missed to attend this very useful event, you can attend the Yatra at Nitte, Mangalore on April 5th. Click here for details. It is a really good event & make the most of it by attending! Here are some photos from the event at Bangalore. Click on them to view them in a larger size.

The Organizing Bangalore MSP Team
Bangalore MSP's

The following are the pictures of the crowd.
Crowd-3 crowd-1 Crowd-2 .

Windows Live Writer – Blogging Simplified!

So, here is my 1st post for this blog. Long back, when I had installed Windows 7 afresh, wanted to download Live Messenger. MS has included it in its “Live Essentials” package. I had no better job to do, so selected all the available options to install. After almost 4-5 months, just a few days back, while deleting unwanted programs, just came across Live Writer in the list. I knew that it was a blogging tool, but hadn’t bothered to check it. Out of curiosity, just launched it to see how it was, & I was really surprised to see such a nice & useful tool for blogging. So, I will now show you how to blog using Live Writer.

You will need :

  • A Blogging account (If you don’t have one, there are many free blogging services like blogger, wordpress etc or you can create one using Writer itself)
  • Windows Operating System (Live Writer works only with Windows)
  • Internet Connection for downloading Writer (I know this is pretty stupid, or else how would you be reading this!)

After creating a blogging account(If you don’t have one), head to to download Live Writer. You can select other softwares if you like. After the download & installation, start Live Writer, which will be in the program files under the group name “Windows Live”, grouped with other Live softwares. Launch the Writer. When you are launching it for the first time, you will see a screen to add & setup your blogging account, which will look like:


I’m using Blogger, so selected the last option. Depending upon your blogging service, select the appropriate option. After setting up your account, the Writer displays a blank page, according to the theme set in your blog.


So, you can start blogging right away now. You can insert various Hyperlinks, insert pictures, videos, table, maps, etc. You can find all these options in the sidebar to the right. You can also add plug-in to Writer for extending Writer’s functionality. One of the features that I loved in Writer is that you can save the draft offline and later when online, you can publish the same to your blog. You can also preview your blog as to how it’ll look & also view the html source of the content, tag your blog according to some categories. If you have more than one blog, you can also add multiple blog accounts to post to different blogs at a time, or to a particular one. Sidebar also displays the saved drafts & recently posted items. You can also set a custom publish date.

So, Have fun blogging using Writer guys! Below are a few screenshots of Writer. Click on them to view larger images.

final options-1  options-2options-3 table

Ninaada Bellippady

My name is Ninaada (ನಿನಾದ). The name is very rare to find. Even if you find one, it will be around one in a thousand or ten-thousand. Even If you find one, If you consider my last name (Bellippady), it is impossible to find another person with the same name as mine. Throughout my (student) life, I have had many funny instances due to my name, mainly due to the fact that many people struggle to pronounce my name correctly.

I was living in Mumbai for almost 7 years. As my mother recalls, some people back there used to call me as “Ninad” or “Ninaad” (ನಿನದ್ or ನಿನಾದ್). I thought that was bad to mispronounce one’s name. But I should have been thankful that they could at least pronounce that much, because I didn’t know what would happen in future. Compared to now in Bengaluru, what some people pronounce, Mumbai people were far better. Then After finishing my 2nd standard, we shifted to Bengaluru. My parents admitted me to a school to continue my studies. Then all the hell broke loose regarding the pronunciation of my name. “Ninaada” became many things I couldn’t imagine of, like Ninaanda, Ninanda, Ninnada,Vinoda,(ನಿನಾಂದ,ನಿನಂದ,ನಿನ್ನದ,ವಿನೋದ )etc… Making the people to pronounce my name correctly became a Herculean task. And the more irritating was that of my last name. Ninaada Bellippady would become Ninoda Belliyappa!! And many more things that I never imagined in my wildest dreams…. Phew!

There was one incident at my PU college I would never forget. There was a Physics lecturer who always had problems in pronunciation. During the attendance, as always, he would mispronounce my name as Ninaanda, etc…. but one fine day, he started calling the last names of the students too. He started pronouncing my name as “Ninoda Bella-pudi”. I was completely dumbstruck! In Kannada, Bella-pudi (ಬೆಲ್ಲಾ ಪುಡಿ)means Jaggery Powder! I’m not as sweet as jaggery! However by some persuation, he started calling my first name correctly, but literally killed my last name. It isn’t that due to my name, I always had things like these, I had advantages also. In the same year, I had a computer science lecturer who could not pronounce my name. She always saw my face & then put the attendance for me. Later it became a habit for her to put attendance as I was a regular student. One fine day, I bunked her class & still got the attendance for that class. I wish it always happened for me in the future also.

Sometimes I used to pray during the attendance that let these lecturers pronounce my name properly, so that I would not be embarrassed. Especially I would be very curious to know what the teachers pronounce my name, during the time which I got admitted to new school or college. I had go through all these till my PU days. I had a surprise waiting for me in my Engineering college. Now I have studied here for 4 semesters and only two of them have mispronounced my name! Then I got to know from one of my seniors that another student having the name Ninaada used to be there in the college. Pity him, maybe he got to take all those embarrassments.

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Colourful Ugadi….

Today is Ugadi. It is a very popular festival among the South Indians. Hence I had a holiday but I had a lot of assignments to write. I started at 9 in the morning & went till 12:30 non-stop. I eventually got bored & fedup. So I decided to get a break. I took out the camera to shoot some photos of falling water drops to a container. Here is how it looked.
I had took pictures like these before also. My Dad then gave me an idea to try out something else. He told me to capture the photos of coloured water. So with my little sister’s help, I first coloured the water in container to blue. Then poured Green colored water into the container using a straw & clicked it….. Below is how it looked…
Then I tried various other combinations like pouring yellow water to blue & a few more combinations. The Results were amazing. You can check the whole Album at

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