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Colourful Ugadi….

Today is Ugadi. It is a very popular festival among the South Indians. Hence I had a holiday but I had a lot of assignments to write. I started at 9 in the morning & went till 12:30 non-stop. I eventually got bored & fedup. So I decided to get a break. I took out the camera to shoot some photos of falling water drops to a container. Here is how it looked.
I had took pictures like these before also. My Dad then gave me an idea to try out something else. He told me to capture the photos of coloured water. So with my little sister’s help, I first coloured the water in container to blue. Then poured Green colored water into the container using a straw & clicked it….. Below is how it looked…
Then I tried various other combinations like pouring yellow water to blue & a few more combinations. The Results were amazing. You can check the whole Album at

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